Do you non professionals still use DSLR's? And why?

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Re: It is the only type of camera that can do any type of photography.

Ed Rizk wrote:

Midwest wrote:

Ed Rizk wrote:

Until after I bought my DSLR, there were not even any ultra wide zooms for mirrorless cameras. They still lag behind.

I don't shoot much action, but since I am an amateur, I like the option to shoot all types of pics. Only the DSLR can handle action.

I do some low light shots, as well as HDRs, on a tripod. Once you break out the tripod, the extra size and weight of the DSLR are negligible.

The mirrorless cameras don't have the multi flash features of DSLRs.

They don't have the lens selection.

Sure I have a P&S that I can use if I want to travel light, but I almost never use it because the DSLR is so much better in every way but size and weight.

Well said. DSLR's are designed for functionality first and foremost. They are no bigger than they need to be. On the other hand, cameras designed to be smaller have that as their first objective, and that means functionality is going to suffer in some way or other when it takes a back seat to size. It may be in the controls or in some of the other things mentioned above, but when the goal is 'smaller' something's gotta give.

Miniaturization is out of control. I would love it if the smaller systems could match the DSLR, but I doubt they will get there any time soon. Even if they do, as you say, there can't be as many controls on a smaller body.

Exactly. Not only that, but I am an adult male, certainly not oversized yet my hands work well with a camera the size of my Rebel T3i (600d). I just do not get this chant of 'it's got to be smaller, smaller smaller'. One person posted a comment from some review where they opened the box of a new T3i and were just astounded at how large the camera had grown - when in fact the difference between it and one of the very earliest was only a matter of a couple mm's, mostly because of the added size of the articulated screen.

I don't want a petite little camera because my photography depends on results, not convenience.

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