3D1 editing with Magix or others?

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Re: Do NOT use 3D options to make video files from 3D1 stereo video

Markr041 wrote:

The 3D1 makes 1/2-frame sbs 1920x1080 60i files. In any editor you just treat the file as a 2D file that happens to have 2 images on it. You can convert the file to mp4 or mjpeg or avi 1080 or whatever and it will stay 1/2-frame sbs. Do not choose any output 3D options. Period.

Google provides web storage - 5GB for free. You can invite people to share. I would be happy to uload mpo orginal stills and video files.

For upload to youtube, I join and edit the clips and then make a 2D 108030p file. It, of course, is 1/2 frame sbs just like the original.

The only reason to use a 3D editor for these video files is to view in 3D - you tell the software ,say, to display the 1/2-frame sbs file in anaglyph. But if you have no need to view in 3D while editing, 3D options are completely irrelevant, unles you want to change parallax, but that really wrecks the quality.

The other reason to activate 3D in Vegas (SBS 1/2 for the 3D1) would be to add titles as I found out yesterday, if not the title will be messed when viewing in 3D. I just made a simple title that seems to "sit in the middle" as I didn't see any options to give it a 3D placement, but that's ok.

That's what it looks like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdVT7AeAjJA

The 3D is a bit "ghosted" on YouTube for some reason (aggressive reencoding) but the original mp4 looks fine here in 720p.

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