X20 vs X10 vs XZ-2 vs MX-1

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Re: X20 vs X10 vs XZ-2 vs MX-1

I was in your position a couple of years ago (even down to the Pentax DSLR) and at that time I purchased the LX-5, and later purchased the EVF for it, and then I purchased a flash for it.  My observations are: honestly I mostly used the LX-5 without either one. I still own the LX-5 but it does not get a lot of use since I purchased the X10.    The reason I went to the X10 was because I wanted a camera that could handle low light situations better than the LX-5 and still be relatively pocketable.  It lets me get useable shots where the LX-5 shots would be grainy. The LX-5 does have raw files that 3rd party software can process, I would guess the MX-1 will do DNG and therefore have 3rd party support as well at some point.

I use the X10 without the viewfinder as well. It didn't really give me any information, but the X20 sounds like it may well do so. Don't get me wrong, when the camera has a good viewfinder I will use it. However, working from the LCD opens up a lot of opportunites to allow me to move the camera around to get a different angle of view.

I typically use a high end P&S camera as walkabout camera.  Some part of me wishes for a tilt screen like the MX-1 has because it will save my knees alot of bending.

I don't have any experience (only read or watched reviews) with the other cameras you mentioned. Everyone of these cameras is a compromise, so my suggestion is that you try them out/ handle them to see which one is best for you.


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