Selling my OM-D and returning to 60D

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Re: my take on 2 of those lenses

Your response makes perfect sense - even more so (if that is possible) since the TO does a comparison to APS-C and not even full frame.

I am a long time user of a full frame system and of course I knew that mft would not do exactly the same when it comes to DOF control or extreme looks. Anyhow the size benefit lead me to have a try with the really nice E-M5.

After 7 months now I have come to a personal conclusion as well. While I fully agree with you on the 45mm 1.8 (and there is a Panasonic 45mm 1.2 in the pipeline) I found the 25mm 1.4 a bit lacking overall. Not to say it is not good, far from it. If I should point out what it is I would say I would love a little bit more DOF control and a smoother bokeh. I simply have more keepers (or say images I like) from the 45 despite that on full frame I much prefer a shorter focal length.

In practical terms that means I use the 45mm much more often than 85mm on full frame but regularly I find myself simply too close to the subject. I would say I am not perfectly happy with it but I make do as best as I can.

Great pictures btw.! Love the way you get close and the bw.

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