49mm UV filter /protective filter for nex 5n

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Re: 49mm UV filter /protective filter for nex 5n

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These sound like more reasons not to bother with a UV filter. I read a long time ago that you can put the hood on and consider that that offers some protection.....

The above effect will also be true of any other zoom lens with a hood, unless the hood is adjustable or you use a compendium. A non-adjustable hood on a zoom will always be designed for the widest focal length of the zoom and never for the longest focal length.

Good thing I don't use superzooms. For more modest zooms, I disagree that the hood would be useless against flare at the long end. But more to the original topic, even a "bad" hood would offer protection to the front element to some extent.

No protection at any focal length from stuff coming at the lens from straight ahead and only partially at many angles to the front of the lens. A hood does not cover the lens.

What small or narrow object is coming at your lens? The only likely way I'm going to damage a lens is bumping against something (like a wall or pole) or dropping the lens. In these cases, the hood is not any worse than a filter (and maybe better?). And I can't think of any lens where I've managed to damage the front element, so I guess I'm willing to take my chances.

As far as IQ, not covering the lens is a good thing.

And regardless of the range of the zoom. A hood made for the zoom is designed only to work at the widest zoom setting. The hood for my 16 to 35 Canon L is pretty good at 16mm but almost worthless at 35mm and this isn't a "Super Zoom".

I find it hard to believe that the hood for the 18-55 would be useless at 55mm, for example. It still will prevent light from coming in the sides at steep angles, just not blocking as much as it could from some angles.

Smoke, sand, wind borne things.

A filter nor hood will protect sand from getting inside the zoom mechanism.  I've not had any front element damaged from the elements.  I don't smoke, but I think that, too, would be pulled inside the lens when zooming.

As for your 18 to 55. Think about it. If your hood blocks light at 55mm then it has to vignette at 18mm. No choice about it. An effective 55mm hood has a smaller opening then an 18mm hood.

Less effective does not equal not effective.

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