What has happened to Nikon?

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Re: What has happened to Nikon?

Shotcents wrote:

Robin Casady wrote:

From a number of threads, I have to wonder about you perception of cameras and lenses. You ranted about AF problems, then you posted that you tried the AF-ON only technique and all was good. Now you are ranting again. You seem to think the 24-85 VR is as sharp as the 24-70.

I posted that all was improved. And it is. But I do not find the D800 AF as good as the D700, nor does anyone else I know. Let's be realistic. Look at this thread. Don't you SEE the people who are not happy? This was not the case with the D700 and I had that camera from 1st release.

I see the same people ranting over and over again. I also recall problems with the D700 and rants about it on dpreview.

(As for the 24-85vr, yes, in the center of the frame it's so close to the sharpness of the 24-70 and 70-200 as to be hardly significant. I can prove it with samples if you'd like, but I can also point you to a nice online comparison that also agrees. But this is off topic-send me a PM and I'd be happy to discuss)

I already pointed you to samples that show significant differences in sharpness, color fringing, vignetting, and flare.

The D800E has been more than I dreamed possible a few years ago.

That's great, Robin. I mean that. I don't wish anyone to have problems with this expensive gear. It's a sinking feeling. But again, look around you. These forums and websites are LOADED with issues on the latest Nikon cameras. Weak AF, left AF out of whack, oil on sensors, cameras DOA and more. And Nikon is utterly silent. When Canon had a couple of early issues with the 5DIII they announced it FAST. I'd feel good if I owned a camera from a company like that.

I don't see real evidence for "weak AF". I see evidence for calibration and alignment problems that require AF fine-tuning or repair. There is enough evidence to indicate that there was some systemic problem with a percentage of D800. Thom indicated that he could only verify about 20% of left AF problems reported to him. He said there were lots of complaints that turned out to be user error. So, I think your perception of the problem is overblown.

The AF on my D800E is more accurate and reliable than any of my previous DSLRs. I guess I've been very lucky with my D800E in that it has not needed any AF fine-tuning and the extreme left AF is as good as one can expect (not a cross sensor). I did have to do some fine tuning on the D700.

My D800 requires AF tuning on all lenses. So do most that I hear of. My D700 and D300 only required small amounts of tuning on 1.4 glass as I recall.

Get it repaired.

I have no way to judge what other people's D800 and D800E cameras are like. Since some of the major photo pundits say that there are problems, I assume there must be. I doubt that they are as bad as some of the ranters have claimed.

Why would you doubt this? I have a camera with what my friends call "a minimal left AF issue."

Why would I doubt that the problem is as bad as ranters claim? Because many of the outbursts are obviously emotional for an issue that requires careful analysis. This is a technical issue that requires careful testing and calibration to verify. From what they say on the forum, I expect a lot of ranters are not capable of good evaluation.

Top crop is using the left sensor. It doesn't matter what the subject is. The focus error is 100% repeatable. If your camera does not do this then I very glad, Robin.

Thanks. It doesn't do that unless the lens is poor in that area of the field.

I'm glad that my D800E is so excellent. I'm sorry for those who have had bad experiences, but it annoys me that some of then are using this forum to vent their frustration over and over and over and over.

Robin, you have the luxury of owning a trouble free D800e. And that's fantastic. But if you're watching the forums you certainly know that something has happened to Nikon. Whether it's Earthquakes, global warming or terrorists, many of us paid a lot of money for gear that is substandard.

It is frustrating when there are problems with gear. The PDAF system is a complex system that requires very tight tolerances to work properly. I think it is fairly obvious that Nikon wasn't expecting this kind of problem. Something in their system wasn't catching it. From the reports it seems that it took them awhile to figure out what was wrong and how to correct it. Only recently does it seem that repair centers have received the information and equipment they needed to properly repair it. That isn't really surprising. With something this complicated and unexpected it can take awhile to diagnose the problem, engineer a remedy, and disseminate the info and equipment to all the repair centers around the world.

Thom claims that the D800 coming out of Japan now do not have the left AF problem. A number of people have reported that their cameras are now coming back from repair with the problem fixed properly.

Still worse, Nikon has been cryptic and less than helpful in fixing the problems. How many times have you read about owners sending back cameras two or more times? It's incredible that this could be tolerated. So now, and this is particularly sad, I'm AFRAID to get my D800 serviced for fear that it will end up worse. Or that they'll blame me and charge me.

I read about cameras coming back multiple times when the problem was newly discovered. Lately I am reading more about cameras coming back with AF working properly. It takes awhile for a problem to get solved and all the world-wide repair centers to get the proper training for this problem.

Robin, as my Irish friends like to say, "This is just not on."

Get your camera repaired, and move on. You aren't going to get a public confession and apology from Nikon.

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