From the Olympus Website--A little better translation than DPReview

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Re: From the Olympus Website--A little better translation than DPReview

Abrak wrote:

The exact term used by Olympus was 'Further drastic reform' and it refers to the 'imaging division' as a whole and not the DSLR business in particular.

Released a couple of days ago.... Page 17 ....underlined......

Drastic reform means stop the bleeding.  The first stop is probably entry level point and shoot. I don't think anyone is making money on these cameras.   I suspect there will be a consolidation of the Pen line as well.  I don't see what purpose the "EP" serves with the E-PL camera and OMD

OMD is where they are headed at this time.  Olympus can build an excellent mirrorless camera for the pro-sumer crowd and it is priced very fairly. It is a lot of camera for the money.  They are selling these cameras, but I have no idea if they are making money doing so.  I also wonder how they are doing selling the glass.  Where they have a gigantic hole in their line of lenses is with the zooms.  Panasonic is selling 12-35mm and  a 35-100mm lenses that are fast and weather sealed. These are better suited for my purposes that the fast primes. They are a bit larger than the entry level zooms, but still much smaller and lighter than the FT equivalents. Panasonic is trying to do FT small.

Olympus to date has not answer to this save the 12-50mm lens and entry level zooms.  If I purchased an OMD, I would purchase Panasonic glass to go with it.  OMD is on an island of sorts.  If the profit is in the glass, this hurts Olympus.They need to focus here (pun intended)

As for DSLR--I am not sure if Olympus knows what it is doing here.  The rumor that started coupled with the very prompt and direct response by Olympus leads me to believe that the idea of no DSLR was/is being kicked around at Olympus and perhaps very seriously. The precarious finances at Oly coupled with its neglect of DSLRs added credibility to the rumors (no one would take a rumor that Nikon or Canon were abandoning DSLR serious at this time).

As someone who is probably viewed as a "ney sayer",  I can say that I would buy a new DSLR, if it were released.  I am having trouble getting my brain around the idea that Olympus would release such a camera or cameras.

We should have the answers in six months.  Until then my gear works great and spring is on the way.

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