Selling my OM-D and returning to 60D

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Re: Why post this here?

sgoldswo wrote:

retro76 wrote:

have had the OM-D for a couple of months, and as much as I love the size and look of the camera, I really can't seem to make that leap and sell my 60D. Here is what I have noticed after a few months:

1) the 60D has better dynamic range. I know that DXO says otherwise, but I get blown highlights with the OMD. I take portraits outdoors and the 60D nails exposure and delivers a good balance of shadow and highlight whereas the OM-D will blow out detail in faces quite often like a P&S. I can save this at times with lightroom.

2) White balance and color are more accurate on the 60D. Canon nails WB and skin tones. OMD white balance is all over the place even under the same lighting. I think Olympus had a better color response with their former 12 megapixel sensor: my EPL1 always delivered lovely color and skin. It also seems as though the 60D has a wider color palette, maybe the 14 bit processing is part of it (even though many discount it), but there is something about the tonality and color that seems more realistic and wider with the 60D.

3) DOF. Even with my 45 1.8 wide-open or my 25 1.4 wide-open I just can't get those lovely dreamy pictures that I get with my Canon 50 1.4. Even with the 50 stopped down, the Olympus/Panny lenses can't match the look. Yes you can play around with subject and background distance, but at the end of the day my pictures with the OMD have lost that 3D 'feeling' and 'emotional response' I get with my Canon.

Obviously the 60D isn't as small (but nicer to handle and use) or as attractive. There is love for the OMD as it is a sexy machine, but I really think the IQ isn't quite there (at least for me) in comparison to larger sensors. I was stoked when I got the OM-D, but once the honeymoon wore off reality started to creep in. It's a shame too because my biggest draw to m4/3rds are the fantastic primes.

I don't understand why you think this forum needs to hear about this unless you are a shill, troll or you've expressed yourself poorly and you haven't decided yet. I sincerely hope in your case it's the latter. Otherwise, take this to the canon forums.

Hi. With respect, if you are incapable of understanding the purpose of this thread, or indeed the right of the person to post it, does it really mean that they are a "troll, shill"? As you have stated, you are incapable of understanding. And what if these are the persons genuine experiences/perceptions? Do they not deserve a certain amount of respect and to be treated with dignity? I have not perceived any malice etc in the OPs post, and yet yours comes across as "thuggish", something one might come across on a teenagers "wastebook" feed.

I see a lot of posts like this on the Fuji and NEX forums. Most of them read identically about different cameras. Most of them are obvious and unwelcome.

So the flip side of this is that SOME are genuine, and worth reading? Even if not to your liking?

It is not my purpose to be antagonistic, nor inflammatory, however, I believe it would be to everyones benefit to be a little more accepting and tolerant of each others opinions and experiences. After all, we are only discussing cameras...


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