What has happened to Nikon?

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Re: The Nikon Basher?

Shotcents wrote:

The idea that I'm a Nikon basher is pretty silly.

History doesn't lie.

I've enjoy most of my Nikon gear....My 70-200 VRII is my favorite lens. I do complain about the focus breathing, well, because it has really bad focus breathing; the worst in it's class. I found the 24-85vr an amazing little lens and even prefer it to the 24-120 F4! The 85 1.8G is a wonder of sharpness and bokeh. I find it better than my old 85 1.4D. Though I sold my 24-70 it's a fantastic lens. The 300 F4 and 2.8 are amazing.

Simple views of an amateur photographer. Why should anyone care what lenses you prefer? No offense, but in the big picture, you are nobody.

My D700 was fantastic. So was my D700, D300, and all the rest. So now I'm a Nikon basher because I bring up the issue of QC?

No, it is because you won't let a dead horse alone. You have beat that horse until it is a bloody pulp. Stop kicking.

If you think it's only 50 people you're in dreamland. If you think it's because the unhappy customers make the most noise you're also wrong. There has NEVER been this kind of noise before.

If YOU think it is the majority, it is YOU who are in dreamland. You must have missed the 1D MKIII era AF issues. Now those were serious AF issues. Don't think I am a Canon bashing Nikon fanboy either, I love Canon equipment and used it for 20+ years. I would still use it, if the Nikon D800E sensor was not hands and feet the best sensor ever created. Period. Truth.

And while I'm contributing to that noise, I'm a drop in the bucket. Look, I enjoy my D800 and lenses. I'm simply stating a very simple set of facts. If Nikon decides to conduct this type of business they will see profits fall even further.

We get that. Now stop.

With the D4, D600 and D800 Nikon had the key to complete domination of the DSLR market. All three ranked above Canon's models at release dates that were close. Nikon had the win, but they are losing the game in a BIG way because they did not build the cameras well enough.

Says you. I'll stick with my D800E. Might be the last camera I buy for a VERY long time. Incredible DR and 36mp without an AA sensor and we are as close to MF as we have ever been.

Concept, Design and Build. All three have to be there for a successful product. Nikon failed on BUILD.

Uh, nope. Mine is rock solid. With the grip, it feels damn near Pro (Canon 1D MKIV is my reference) build. I'd rate it a 9/10 on build.

Now please, just, stop.

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