Selling my OM-D and returning to 60D

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So why return from tinier sensor to tiny sensor?

Provokative, but in it's core a valid question. I do own a full frame system and the E-M5 and I am in the same boat as you that there are areas I like better with my full frame DSLR. But DR and WB are none of them. DOF control is of course dependant on the combination of sensor size and lenses available and handling is surely a combination of interface, size and personal taste. The last two points are ok but not perfect for me with the E-M5 as well and as to be expected my full frame does a better job in both respects. I am especially ambivalent about the E-M5s ergonomics (buttons, dials, grip).

All in all this makes me wonder about two things

1. Are you really sure you use the E-M5 to the best of its abilities? There are quite some settings on the E-M5 having a massive impact on WB and highlight clipping.

2. Why don't you buy a full frame Nikon then? The difference in all 4 areas of your concern is much bigger between a Nikon full frame and the 60D than between the Canon and the Olympus.

Anyhow, unlike others who do not value a multitude of different opinions and experiences, I do appreciate input which differs from the "all is fabulous" norm. At least it carries the possibility to learn something new or to understand things better.

So have fun with your 60D but be aware that full frame would be a much larger step and the D600 did a lot to make it more of an option budgetwise.

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