New a77: pixel level raw sharpness/res ?

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Re: New a77: pixel level raw sharpness/res ?

Marco Cinnirella wrote:

My new a77 arrived and I have been shooting my usual test subjects in raw and processing via LR4.3. I have 'upgraded' from an 700 and a57. Very nice camera overall, I'm impressed.

However, with landscapes and subjects at medium distances I am seeing less pixel level sharpness (i.e. 100% view sharpness) than I am used to with the same lens (currently testing Sony 85mm 2.8 SAM) on the a700 or a57, in raw.

Is this to be expected when moving up to 24MP?

I am not obsessed with pixels and 100% view, but I do work at 100% view when doing sharpening and NR so I can't help but notice this apparent difference between the a700, a57 and a77 sensors.

Any comments?

I think it's expected..

The more MP's, the more performance your lenses and technique need to be to maintain pixel level sharpness..

I tend to find that my 16-50 f/2.8 gives excellent pixel level performance, but I do struggle to get the same with my 35 and 50 f/1.8's, which is partly due to the slight decrease in contrast and partly no doubt to do with their slightly lower MTF's..

And obviously camera shake is more apparant as MP's increase, so you might need to slightly up the shutter speed in comparative situations to maintain the detail at that level..

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