Selling my OM-D and returning to 60D

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Re: Selling my OM-D and returning to 60D

retro76 wrote:

bacteria wrote:

Wow, huh!

I'll be the first to say the E-M5 has flaws (buttons, continous AF, lack of movie options, etc) but I've had the exact opposite experience on mine. WB, color and definition all loads better than the Canon DSLR I had (admitedly not as good as the 60D), but combine that with the DPR raw/jpeg studio comparisons and basically everybody's feedback, and your conclusions are quite surprising.

But to each their own. No camera can please everyone. Not even the best (which the OMD isn't).

Bacteria, I am not saying that the OM-D IQ is bad, as it's not. I think the problem is that I am used to the results from my Canon which does a good job of producing well balanced images straight OOC every time. I think people shouldn't be mad at me for stating an opinion, I am trying my hardest to love this camera, but to fully invest in a system I want to be satisfied with IQ. I know there are compromises with moving to a smaller system, but IQ isn't something I am willing to trade off on. Keep in mind I am a very picky person when it's come to IQ.


I can relate to your position. I have recently been putting the EM5 through it paces at a local camera store, much to  the lament of the salesman ("Hey Dude, just what do ya think you're gettin' paid for?). I was all set to sell my D90/7000, Nikkor lenses, flashes etc and invest in the EM5 and a few nice lenses.

However, whilst looking over my Lightroom catalogue of the last few years worth of images, I realised that I DO prefer the slightly narrower DOF of the APS-C system, I do use the C-AF capabilities of the Nikons extensively, and more importantly, I'm just too used to the ergonomics of the Nikon cameras, I can use them in with my eyes shut/looking the otherway (don't laugh, I use this technique all the time when doing street photography, much the same as a magician uses the other hand to draw the viewers attention away from the hand palming the coin). And my recent experiences on the streets have shown me that I don't need a diminutive camera to get the images I want. Also, I'm not totally sold on the EM5s EVF. Overall, I suspect that I would lose more than I would have gained.

In regards to image quality I found that both were more than acceptable, but I do have a preference to the 100 ISO of the D7000. WB is a personal thing: many Fuji X series owners will swear by the WB of their cameras and yet I felt that the Nikons performed better. As I said, it's personal.

I have come to the conclusion that being familiar with your tools is of far more importance than having all the latest "bells and whistles" or technically superior kit. I gather that is what you are discovering.

It is somewhat disappointing that certain individuals feel the need to point the finger and call "Troll". Whether or not a person has a long term posting history and images in an online gallery is irrelevant. At some point in time we all made a first post. Does the fact that that post was number one somehow make it less important? Negating however many years of experience/intelligence the poster may have under their belt? I perused these fora for sometime (18 months or so?) before registering and making my first contribution. It seems some people believe the first post should be, shall we say, non controversial.

We all work in different ways, use our equipment differently and have differing aesthetic values. So, it stands to reason that we will have differing opinions with regards to what gear works best for us. Accept that and move on. Perhaps even rejoice in that diversity!

I thank the OP for taking the time to post their experiences, and agree with the others that "negative" experiences have an important place here.


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