Yongnuo YN-560 III has built in receiver

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Re: Yongnuo YN-560 III has built in receiver

victorian squid wrote:

Sailor Blue wrote:

ihgold2 wrote:

So, why are these guys like 85 USD, compared to ~500 USD for a 580EX II?

Ok, no HSS. But do they work more or less the same? I guess they can't be a Master either, correct? But, do they work using E-TTL, just like a Canon would?.

The YN-560 is a manual flash power control only hot-shoe flash. No TTL of any kind.

Thus, only working with the 602 and 603. You just know though that they've got a 565 or 568 version to work with the 622's in the works! For the price though - and those who prefer to work manually this is pretty neat. You could have a fleet of flashes and a trigger or two for the price of one 600ex-rt.

victorian squid and ktownbill, thanks for the info.

If they have one that comes out for my 622s I'll buy it!

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