How limiting is lack of image stabilization in Pany bodies?

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Try starting from what you already know

lsundy wrote:


I've been considering (for a while now) buying a Pany G3/G5 kit, which, together with a wide angle and/or portrait prime, would hopefully give me a step-up from my current Pany FZ-35.

However, what troubles me is the lack of IS in the Pany bodies. if I want the advantages of IS (and I am battling to understand why one wouldn't), then am I not excluding the option of using Olympus lenses and many third party lenses which are not stabilized with the Pany body?

This clearly does not seem to bother the thousands of Pany m43 users out there, and I am hoping that someone can explain to me why!

It is often a good idea to begin from where you currently are, rather than relying on anyone's advice (including mine). You are familiar with your Panasonic FZ35 which has built-in ILIS (In Lens Image Stabilisation). Assuming that you leave this on by default it might be a good idea to switch it off and take a lot of photos at various focal lengths and shutter speeds, then look to see how much they suffer from motion blur (what Panasonic manuals refer to as 'jitter'), compared to similar shots taken with ILIS on.

Next try to practise some good photographic technique, holding the camera steady, using the eye level viewfinder, releasing the shutter as you exhale, and gently squeezing the shutter release rather than stabbing at it.

At a focal length of around 25mm on a m43 camera you should be able to take sharp images handheld at shutter speeds as long as 1/50 second. If you have significant problems doing this then you need to rely on the ILIS in Panasonic cameras or the IBIS (In Body Image Stabilisation) in Olympus cameras.

I gew up, photographically speaking, in the era of film and cameras without any form of IS. I learned when to use both flash and a tripod and seldom suffered from motion blur in images.

Now that I am using m43 cameras I find that the ILIS in Panasonic cameras works fine for me in almost all situations. The one time when I would appreciate IBIS is when shooting handheld in low light and I do not have a tripod/flash available. In my case that is well less than 1% of the time. YMMV.

The theoretical advantage of IBIS is that you can use it in more situations than ILIS. Only you can tell whether this will be of practical advantage to you.

I simply know that the Panasonic ILIS system combined with an eye level electronic viewfinder works well for me in over 99% of situations.

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