Do you non professionals still use DSLR's? And why?

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Re: Do you non professionals still use DSLR's? And why?

Nope. For travel and everyday I've been using a superzoom for the last few years instead. I still clung to a DSLR for airshow and action/sports photography (Canon 600D)... until I discovered the Panasonic FZ150 superzoom which gave me the same levels of performance in the critical areas of autofocus speed, shot-to-shot speed, continuous/burst shooting rates, low shutter lag, and optical image stabilisation. After that, I finally sold all my DSLR gear.

I lost a chunk of image quality, but as non-pro who doesn't pixel-peep, views mainly on a computer screen, prints A4 or less, and reduces photos for web forums... I don't miss it. I lost an  optical viewfinder, but don't miss that either - I use a red dot sight for action photography, and I'm comfortable with the screen/EVF for everything else. And I lost the really tight depths of field that DSLRs are capable of - well, I can live with that.

On the other hand, the gains were enormous in versatility, size, weight, convenience and video capabilities. I have no regrets on the compromises I made. If I wanted to duplicate what my superzoom can do (I'm on a Panasonic FZ200 now), using a DSLR... I reckon I'd need about 3 different lenses (one of which would have to be monstrously big), it would cost me in excess of 15,000 UK pounds, I'd need an extra rucksack on top on of my "day bag" to carry it all, and I'd have to start working out in a gym to wield it.

As a non-pro, and given the type of photography I do... DSLR's have simply stopped making sense for me.

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