What has happened to Nikon?

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Re: Digiman - Your post has the 'evidence' all other posts anecdotal

OldDigiman wrote:

Standing off to the side of the flame wars between trolls and fanboys are people like Roger Cicla of lensrentals.com who deals with large numbers of Nikon products day in and day out. He has an objective view of Nikon QC and service. http://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2012/09/lensrentals-repair-data-january-july-2012

And then there's Thom Hogan, who is aggregating problem reports and thinks that Nikon is way way off the path.

Nikon is a shadow of the company it was in film days, both with regards to QC and customer relations.

Hmm highly interesting and moreso as you say independent. The issue of QC is very apparent and supports the anecdotal statements on this blog, quote ''More notable, to me at least, is that we’ve already had almost 10% of our Canon 5D III and Nikon D800s repaired, despite having them in stock only a few months. I said we usually don’t put things on the list that we’ve had less than 6 months, but this is so noticeable it deserves mention. Once again, early adopters seem to be doing some beta testing.''

Then, the issues of service is worse, but note Nikon vs Canon:

Canon 6 days turnaround $305

Nikon 26 days tirnaround $376

Clearly an issue.

And this is impartial!

I find it highly strange that just because people choose to reply and comment to a blog thread re issues, they are labelled 'having a problem with Nikon'. But here these factual links show clear QC and service issues. No one says they hate Nikon or Canon, but to comment on evidence is perfectly legitimate.

Surely highlighting this should help not hinder Nikon.

Sometimes I think people get too emotional on these sorts of things instead of looking at them analytically.

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