Is it necessary to download firmware?

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Re: Is it necessary to download firmware?

awaldram wrote:

James O'Neill wrote:

But if someone is happy with the out of date firmware in their camera they can carry on using it, until there is some bug which impacts them or some feature they need (unlike a connected PC where a bug you don't know about can cause all sorts of nasties)

And if that 'fixed bug' is to fix premature failure of the mirror motor or other major component ??

The first you'd have an inkling maybe updating would have been a good idea is when you had the $x00 repair bill.

It would be extremely unusual (a) to have something in a camera which has such a major impact and (b) Not to announce it with words like "Contains reliability improvements" or "Strongly advised".  I still prefer to do it because I don't know what silent fixes I might benefit from. But As I said in my comment to the OP if you know the bugs fixed don't affect you or the Features added won't help you it's not mandatory

Having worked in the hardware/software computer industry for many years I'd say its the other way round OS bug are painful but rarely catastrophic on teh other hand FW/Bios bugs can and are disastrous.

I had a customer who thought FW was a take it or leave it item and put a non approved FW disk in his raid silo , when the silo had wiped 9TB of data slowly so multiple backups were corrupt he realized his error

But with a camera it takes the picture, saves the picture, you copy the picture off the media. A firmware glitch might corrupt a whole card full of pictures, but since the parts which deal with the media are very mature you're looking at something brought about by new cards (so probably documented) or a regression introduced by some other change which testing didn't pickup. If the firmware you're running hasn't shown such a regression you have to weigh up the risk that  that one was there and has been silently fixed, against the risk a new regression has crept into the firmware.

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