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alatchin wrote:

CollBaxter wrote:

This is one of the most concrete statements that Olympus has come out with for a while. And actually I believe them for a change.

The Nay Sayers will of course come up with a zillion reasons why I am wrong. But if you go and look at these posters posting history they are sticking to the party line and will continue even if Olympus released a camera tomorrow. We have the vested interest Nay Sayer group who see any DSLR development pulling off resources from m4/3 and in doing so are stealing from them.

Isnt that group a funny one, they want high end lenses fro Olympus but dont want access to the HG line, a superb set of lenses, excellent value for money.

We have those who are scared that a new release would have them doubting their decision to move to another system.

Here is one of the most entrenched groups, they love olympus, and they hate olympus. Seeing a new high end body release would leave them questioning the money they spent on switching systems, so they watch, and secretly hope. Of course, no matter how good the new camera they will be here posting equivalent numbers, DXO marks and the like.

Then we have the financial geniuses who have done the math and give us all the reasons why its impractical to spend money on a system that exists.

These are the funniest group to me. They simply look at the bottom line and assume that after all the money that has been spent creating the 43rds format, the bodies, lenses and userbase, and now they have better volume in m43rds with potential upgraders they will simply ditch the mount and start again in m43rds... The real bean counters will simply not let it happen. In business you maximise your existing investments.

This group will say things like "the 43rds userbase is nil" and "everyone is abandoning the system" well, where are all the cameras and bodies?? I would snap up a firesale E-5, but no, there are plenty of others out there willing to pay more than me for the body... so I dont have one. I and many others would buy their new DSLR for all the advancements it would put behind my lenses, and it would cost me less than switching systems and buying new lesnses.

There are many more but I actually think the strangest are the ' I told you so." crew who have no other reason than to say " I told you so."

Me for a change I believe Olympus. The words spending less on 4/3 DSLR and compact development I read differently. There have been not new products for 3 years. Olympus could have incurred development costs on what ever they are going to release. Keeping in mind that those costs for a product released today would have been incurred over the last 2 years during development tooling and manufacturing stages. What they could be saying is that there they will be slowing down any future development. We don't know what Olympus has spent on DSLR development. ( The Nay Sayer will say zip)

Remember the Leaked Slide

New E


New Up Market compact

As to the compact market the last slew of bottom end compacts that came out where probably in production already before the rationalization and where brought to market to get shot of them. Olympus will continue with the TG series and the ZX and Super zoom stuff but we will not see and bottom sub $200 camera from them again.

Public statements like this will help to calm the jitters I know it has mine and hopefully a few others as well.

You know, i was thinking about this, and hoping I was right about the new body, and my interpretation of all these announcements, then I pop online and see this statement. As bold as one can be, using the word DSLR and stating their commitment.

Olympus are saying don't believe every thing you read in the press or see on TV or hear from the local rep.

And it is about time I would love to see a mock-up of their new body, even if it looks like an E-5, the E-3 was one of the most comfortable cameras I ever owned (the a850 was also very comfortable) and I wouldnt mind owning that form factor again.

Nothing to add just liked your post enough to repost

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