What has happened to Nikon?

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D800 only post, technology marches on...

The D800 is currently unrivaled in FF DSLR for IQ and DR.  Whether one has extreme corner AF issues or not, there is nothing offered by any manufacturer that can even come close to its measurable IQ superiority right now.  Those impacted by what they purport to be a latent AF defect are perhaps teetering on the cutting edge of what it technologically practicable, given the price point and the limited resources available to Nikon at the time of production.  If all 51 points of AF are not adequate for your shooting style, use something else or get a different body and forego 36mp.  If your video demands are not satisfied, there are other available options as well, but if you need the highest IQ DSLR, Nikon D800 is what the market currently offers.

I have been shooting Nikon a long time and the D800 is the first camera available that allows me to shoot indoor basketball.  Whether I have focus issues or not, I don't know, but I do know the camera is intuative (sic) enough to capture the images without motion  blur (1/400), minimally distracting noise, at f2.8, whilst locking on and tracking fast and erratic subjects in full, 36 mp images.  It also gives me the freedom to pull shadows without banding and has reasonable headway to recover blown highlights with minimal effort (something I could not do with my D70, D200 or D300).

I sympathize with any and all who are experiencing issues with their D800, but I seriously question what on earth captures people are missing because of the limitations of their D800's?  If you are content with 12, 16, 20, or 24 MP, you have other options.  Get one of them and please stop the endless complaining about a product that no other manufacturer had either the foresight or capacity to risk marketing.  Please get something that better addresses your demanding shooting requirements.  Life it too short to spend time complaining about what the D800 should have been.  It may not be perfect, but its exceptional IQ is unrivaled in FX DSLR at an attractive pricepoint making it the first, full featured FX DSLR, attainable by the masses.

Nikon's customer service may be terrible, I don't know and I am loathe to find out now especially given the impression that many here are sending in multiple bodies to address an issue (or perhaps a limitation) that appears either difficult to remedy, replicate or cannot be fixed without further technological advancements.  Irrespective, it has not impacted my shooting style and possibly, I suspect, would have remained largely undetected with a less demanding sensor, so why even bother?

All I can really state with the utmost confidence is that I am producing the technically best images I have ever been able to capture with the much maligned D800.  It has reinvigorated my interest in capturing memories, many of which I could not achieve with the previous generation Nikon bodies I have owned - all at the incredible resolution that the D800 alone, presently offers at an affordable price point.

Perhaps I am demanding too little in the D800 or the Nikon company or perhaps others are expecting more than Nikon is willing to offer or admit.  Either way, I will endeavor to hone my photographic techniques with what I have while those of you who are so enraged by Nikon can grind your axes and scope out greener pastures (but please keeps us updated of the shipping status, the time that has elapsed for the repair, a complete transcript of a communication with lower level customer service, how you managed to expedite you repair demand and above all, provide an exhaustive list of short hand parts manifesto - it makes for compelling reading and provides meaning in our otherwise vacuous lives).

When I finally get my head out of the sand and admit that Nikon is mired by complacency and has exploited its customer base for the last time and I am not going to take in any more,  I will be inexplicably compelling all who will listen to joint the class action lawsuit.  We can get out the torches and pitchforks, boycott all future products and enjoy our collective, elite status, by showing each other our markedly superior white lenses in complete solidarity.

I may just elect to fade away and work around whatever impediments the new system is habitually plagued with and just post on the Nikon forum occasionally to boast about the vastly superior gear I have obtained.  That is, of course, if there is even a forum left to berate, belittle and castigate.  Like many who have posted their displeasure here, I am bound to become a better photographer by switching brands, right?  I will also deem it an absolute imperative to provide a necessary public service to the ignorant, uninformed masses, who for years have been purchasing Nikon gear on their misconceived perception that Nikon's legacy of fine optics and rugged, field tested bodies are in not, in any way, indicative of what they should expect in any future Nikon offerings, especially considering, at that point, the company should probably cease to exist anyway.

Maybe I have been reading too many "the onion" articles today, but whatever.

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