sharpest wideangle to normal zoom at f8?

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Re: sharpest wideangle to normal zoom at f8?

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Hi All,

I have recently gotten an e-m5 and found a love for doing night cityscapes. I am currently using a panasonic 14mm to achieve this and it seems plenty sharp for me at f/11.

However, lately I've been itching to get a zoom lens to vary my picture styles abit more, what would you consider to be the sharpest zoom lens at f/8 + ? ofcourse the first thing I thought of was the Panasonic 12-35mm, but it seems quite a few people are dissapointed with its sharpness and CA,

I find that most people who are disappointed with the 12-35 don't actually own one.

how does it compare to the panasonic 14-45mm? or oly 14-42mm II R? I heard both of those were sharp, which one would you choose to shoot at f8?



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I own a 12-35, 14-45 and 14-42 - the 14-45 is the best lens for shooting at F8. The 12-35 is not anything special at the edges at wide settings on distant scenes and doesn't improve when stopped down. The 14-45 is better and even the 14-42 is at least as good. For a lens this expensive it's disappointing. Many reviewers have reported this issue so I'm not sure it's me who has a bad sample. Just to be clear  - wide end of lens, outer edges of image, only long distance. Close up all over and center of frame at any distance it's stellar.

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