Do you non professionals still use DSLR's? And why?

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Yes. because there aren't lighter cameras are capable of what I enjoy doing

gdourado wrote:


With the increase advancements in sensor technology and mirrorless cameras, I was wondering how many non professionals still use DSLR's as their travel cameras or just general usage cameras...

If I was a payed photo professional, doing either [well lit] event shooting, [well lit] sports, [well lit] nature or [well lit] fashion shoots, a camera with maximum speed [fps? or good lo-light hi-ISO?], precision and control [Fast Direct Preiew Full M?] would be a must[?][not really, most use 'auto'!!! AF/AWB/AE, etc]. But if you are just[?] an [serious] hobbyist or an [expert/serious] amateur, do you still feel motivated to haul around a big DSLR with lenses all [well lit] day? [no, night time/indoor/poorly lit, too] [PLUS a TRIPOD!!!! and even external flash/remote!!!]

because, hauling anything lighter, means getting compromises on shots that interest me, and they're not 'everyday well-lit pro shots' either; rarely, if ever 'stage/stadium' lit.

surely, you don't shoot only between sunrise and sunset? (in your travels?)

I was wondering because myself for instance, I really enjoy some pictures I got some time ago with my 20D and 5D, but when I think about the fact that I left the hotel in the morning with a big and heavy camera bag, only to return at night, having a big camera always hanging from either my neck or my shoulder, I wish I had taken something smaller and lighter.

how do you get a proper self-portrait captured with focus/framing/exposure/composition while out on a travel vacation (in a faraway exotic place you went to the trouble of getting there? only to find yourself unable to get a shot you want for lack of your 'hauled dSLR/tripod'?????). how many self-portrait scenic landscape shots have you ever taken and were happy/proud of it when abroad?

how many times you discovered carrying a 'digicam/mirrorless' just didn't do the job at all? [always]

how many times you discovered omitting carrying an external flash just didn't do the job at all? [always]

how many times you discovered omitting carrying tripod on your faraway travels just didn't do the job at all? [always]

how many times you discovered asking another 'tourist' (who looks like they can handle a digicam or dSLR) while on your faraway travels to take a shot of you, just didn't do the job at all [usually incompetently framed/composed/(focused)]? [always] this is why i prefer either a remote, or time release, using a tripod, over handing my camera to anyone else (who couldn't shoot my shot, even if they were 'expert' at it)

how many times you discovered using/relying on a FL (not wide enough (not 24mm FoV)) on your faraway travels just didn't do the job at all? [always; 28mm LENS too long and not wide enough for me [for a prime or starting zoom], period] on any digicam/dSLR

how often do you take more than just 'scenery/other things alone' [minus yourself/family/friends] that is exclusively 'great' and all your 'people shots' of yourself/family/friends are NOT as 'great'??? [simply because you didn't have a more suitable dSLR/tripod/external flash?] [never; my great 'scenic landscape portraits' are the whole point, the great 'scenery only' shots are relatively a 'given']

great = by this, I mean, the emphasis is on getting that 'scenic portrait' as an end goal, not an 'after thought'. most others do it the other way around: people shots being 'after thoughts' and the 'scenery' being the objective. especially if one is traveling to a faraway place with family/friends/relatives, and not there just to capture the local scenery that one cannot get at home.

it's one thing to capture 'family/friends/relatives' at home, which is supposed to be common/easier, and a 'given' (unremarkable in that one can do so anytime), but to do so having gone to a faraway place of special interest having gone there especially to visit, is much harder/rare/precious 'chance' to do so. whereas doing 'just scenery non-people shots' is as common as the shots taken by the tourist standing next to you on any given 'faraway' travels.

exception: if I'm going to a 'well-lit' local event/venue, then I carry just the dSLR, no tripod (disallowed) and no external flash (flash disallowed/or useless with subjects beyond flash reach)

What are your feelings on this matter?


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