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Re: Newbie to the Nikon V1

geoyakult wrote:

Herts_JoaTMoN wrote:

The 18.5 if its bokeh and low light performance you are after. The 18.5 on your V1 will be better then your old kit lens on your NEX 5 interms of depth of field and sharpness and much better than the kit lens on your V1. For landscape outdoor shots, you can still use the kit lens as you will want to be stopped down a little, so the speed advantage of the 10mm over the kit isnt really relvent (although the improved IQ may still be). The kit will also give you the benefit of VA to help with your handheld shots.

Thanks! This has really helped with my decision .... gonna definitely get the 18.5mm ... bokeh is what i want and low light...

As i don't have a flash, this will be good for now.

Do you recommend to source the SB-N5 cheaply somewhere, for those moments when light is in need?

I dont own the SB-N5. If I find one at a price I can stomach then I'll pick one up, in the mean time, I'll just continue to use my NEX 5N in low light though.

If I didnt own my NEX I would make the flash a higher priority though as I think it is needed for low light! You will be able to take nice indoor shots with your 18.5 wide open when you get it, but to freeze movement you will want a flash to avoid the really high ISOs (noisy) and still freeze any movement from your subjects. In posing situations it wont be so bad as your subjects will be stationary, but you'll need faster speeds to get candid shots (which is what I like to shoot).

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