Selling my OM-D and returning to 60D

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Re: Selling my OM-D and returning to 60D

IMO you probably got a poor copy of the 45mm 1.8 (it happens), and perhaps a superb copy of the Canon 50mm 1.4. Silly things like that (as well as PDAF calibration, etc) can make an enormous difference in your opinion. These are my impressions based on going through a bit of Canon gear and still owning a 5DMKII + primes and having an Olympus E-PM2 with some primes and the 40-150.

I'm willing to bet that you 'trusted' Olympus IBIS a bit too much. IMO its probably good enough to leave it on, produce great reasonable prints and obviously web-sized shots. It is however *not* good enough to withstand the pixel peeping critique between the two cameras if you really wanted to push the max IQ and MPs out of your camera. Meaning it doesn't matter if the Olympus sensor looks awesome in dpreview's studio compare. I can tell you right now you won't get close to that performance when handheld with IBIS. IMO in my hands the Canon's get *closer* to ideal performance when handheld compared to Olympus + IBIS. Solution is to turn off IBIS when you are at safe shutter speeds! If you do not do this you will 95% of the time incur a pixel peeping noticeable deterioration. If you are at slower than safe shutter speeds, than boy the IBIS is greatly enhancing your potential IQ over a unstabilized Canon + primes at unsafe shutter speeds.

I have no idea about your Olympus overexposing...mine consistently always underexposes to retain highlights rather aggressively. Again this is another difference...Canon exposes pretty much spot on for me and makes a pretty good compromise between shadow noise and highlights most of the time. Olympus consistently underexposes...but shadows are so clean that after some PP work it still looks as good as the Canon. By *default* a typical underexposed *and* unprocessed RAW of the Olympus looks *worse* than the typical default and unprocessed RAW produced by Canon's metering. ETTR on the Olympus and you will get better results than the is absolutely possible that you subjectively 'experience' more dynamic range by default out of your Canon but the bottom line is at base ISO's an Olympus shot to its max capability can exceed the Canon. I hope you are comparing RAW to RAW here because the Olympus camera body (at least my E-PM2) *expects* to process underexposed RAWs...and pushes them back up.

Finally I think the 45mm 1.8 is far better than the 50mm's for APS-C for any brand. Even Pentax made a new 50mm and they only sell APS-C and it *still* underperforms. Perhaps something to do with optical design of the 50mms where they seem better tuned for FF for whatever reason. 45mm 1.8 if you get a good copy is absolutely in tune with MFT sensor size. I think my 85mm + FF is better, but the 45mm 1.8 I rate much much higher than Canon 50mm's on APS-C.

However to be quite frank, after learning that Panasonic is having some pretty kickass sensors now, the moment they make a PEN rival and if it quite possibly has electronic first curtain shutter, I'm going to probably switch for possibly superior build quality (new PENs suck in build quality), as well as absolute shutter shock free bliss at which point I don't even care about lack of IBIS.

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