Is there any user group for the Canon Pixma Pro 1...

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Re: Is there any user group for the Canon Pixma Pro 1...

Well, I started off with my PRO-1 having it time out after a couple of hours of inactivity. It used a bit of ink, so when I read on one of these forums that it might save ink to leave it on all the time I thought I would try that out.

MAJOR MISTAKE!! Leaving the printer on wasted ink at an absolutely horrific rate!

I am now back to where I was initially, and the ink consumption is not that bad at all. I think that when it is left on it must do cleaning cycles every so often so it uses up more ink that way, but I am not sure. All I do know is that leaving it on uses VAST quantities of ink, whereas having it time out (or even switching it off myself when finished printing) seems to be far more economical.

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