16-50 Nex 6 focusing issue with PDAF

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Re: 16-50 focusing issue - reviews?

BRUCEK56 wrote:

Hi Radu,

Update!................I received my camera and lens back today from the Sony, Laredo, Texas Service Center.

As mentioned previously they gave me a brand new lens (after checking mine) direct from Japan.

After extensively testing it under the same parameters where the lens would back focus about 2 inches (50mm F5.6) using PDAF autofocus I am VERY happy to report the problem has been solved!!

All pictures now come out nice and sharp at 50mm F5.6 It is quite a relief!..........now I can enjoy this lens the way it was meant to be used.

Obviously my original lens was the problem.

If anyone would like the "event i.d. #" which is my repair case number let me know in case you are going to send in your camera/lens combo for the same issue. It might help if you tell them my original lens needed to be replaced.......and they could confirm it by referencing my case number.

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Hi Bruce,

Wow, this realy is great news. To be honest I did not expect it to be solved and I am very happy and surprised. It is now clear that there was a batch of defective lenses that we have the bad luck to receive from. I thionk there are many like this, I remind you that I tested 3 of them and all of them had this issue (however, they were almost consecutive serial numbers).

Please privide us with the refference number of your service event. Tomorrow I will deliver mine to the service. As I said before, thanks for your sacrifice

If you preffer to give it by PM, just tell me.

Best regards,


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