What has happened to Nikon?

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Re: What has happened to Nikon?

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And before the fanboys react and attack me I'm venting here! It's a valid set of observations for a group forum to DISCUSS Nikon gear. If your cameras work better than your last, GREAT. I'm seriously glad to hear about it. But, as many of us honest folk will admit, all is not well in Nikon-Land. Let's keep this civil and mature. This is MY view....


I wholeheartedly agree with your post so I'll duck for cover as well. Hope you have your flak jacket on.


Complaints will always outweigh happy customers in a feedback forum.

It doesn't make you right. It doesn't make others wrong.

For that you would have to do a scientific survey. Take 1000 D800 owners at random and ask them if they have had issues. Then decide what would be acceptable. 5% 10%? 20% ? It will never be zero.

My guess is it would be around 10%. TOTAL GUESS. Maybe it is 90%. If so, thank dog I am one of the lucky ones. :smile:

But, if it is in fact 5 or 10%, then you need to accept the fact that you got unlucky and deal with it. That might be by returning your camera. That might be by switching brands.

But to REPEATEDLY come on DPREVIEW and post generalizations based entirely on hearsay and innuendo is blatantly aggressive and useless. Nikon is not looking at this forum to make decisions about business strategy. They have much better ways of gathering data and know as well as most, that forums are full of complainers and paid trolls, shills and are unreliable sources of information.

The same thing happens over on the Fuji forum. The X-Pro1 and XE1 are absolutely revolutionary APS-C bodies, yet you'd think Fuji released a Frankenstein camera by reading some of the posts there.

So that is MY rant.

Good post.

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