XF1 image quality: DPR Test Scene (!)

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Re: XF1 image quality: DPR Test Scene (!)

Finzi wrote:

RStyga wrote:

Has anyone seen the DPR test scene of this camera? I opened, randomly, GX-1 review (it should work with just about any fairly recent camera review) just to access the test scene; then I selected XZ-1 (take your pick, here; XZ-1 is in the same class, that's all) for comparison and, last, XF1 and I could not believe my eyes: both RAW and JPEG of XF1 as appalling.

I noticed this too. I think it is a rare fault in the test scene software or database. The XF1 produces far higher quality JPEGS than that shown in the app, although the RAW images do seem to be poor as shown on many review sites. It doesn't worry me as I've seen enough examples all over the web and youtube and the jpegs look pretty good to me.

L size images (the type DPR and everyone else shoots for reviews) are soft in EXR cameras. They can be nicely sharpened up in PP, using Silkypix works well for me, without excessive artifacts from my point of view. Others in here rubbish any attempt to display an L size image from an EXR sensor camera.

They (the reviewers) should shoot M.  I suggest that you also view the studio image I have supplied at 50% and see what you think, compared to 100%.

This is how I see the X-F1 at 100ISO, from RAW via Silkypix. You might prefer more or less sharpening. I reduce chroma NR and take demosaic sharpen up to 100%:

Hope that's better for you.  Let me know what you think...

Another method for getting improved results is to use the in-camera RAW to JPEG option.  You can apply quite a few different parameters to the output image, as often as you like, until you get it how you like.

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