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You are absolutely rioght, john.

John King wrote:

Gidday Don

DonParrot wrote:

John King wrote:

My reading of Mr Terada's statement is that Olympus is going to continue with both entry level and high end dSLRs (at the very least). That much is very clear. As I have said elsewhere, the "middle camera" - E-30 replacement - is the easiest and cheapest to make, and therefore the biggest money spinner. Almost all parts can be selected from the parts bins of the entry level and high end camera (as was the E-30 ... ).

They already have a good body (the current E-30 ... ); they have the OVF (current one is excellent, IMHO); all they really need is the new sensor, or an improved version of it, and the supporting electronics and f/w. All of this latter stuff has to be developed for the entry level camera and high end camera anyway.

I have to slightly disagree here, John. The most important change they need if they want continue building and SELLING DSLRs is a clearly improved C-AF. I can live with the C-AF of my E-30 - and the same applied to my E-5 - as I learned how to use it and so, I'm rather happy with my keeper rate. Nonetheless, the C-AF is clearly inferior to the offerings of CaNikon. And if they want to be/become successful in this hard-fought market, they have to be - at least - on a par in this area that is the only one where DSLRs still excel the MILCs.
And I have my doubts if Olympus were/are ready to make the massive investmenmts that would be necessary to achieve this goal. Including the design of new SWD versions of lenses such as the 150, 14-35 and 35-100 2.0.
I would love to see these cameras and lenses but I don't believe it will happen. Particularly as I'm of the opinion that the DSLR is a dying breed.

Non-SWD versions of a whole lot of lenses DO actually focus, Don ...

Even the SG lenses are very much faster on my E-30 than on (say) my E-510. Accuracy is also a key requirement ... Of course there is always room for improvement - otherwise we would all still be driving A model Fords, or worse ...

You are absolutely right John. But if you want to sell new products, they have to be better than the ones offered by the competition.

Eventually they need to figure out whether to revive standard FT (a lot of drawbacks there) or try to move the "One beautiful system" from aspiration to reality.

Not really. Just overcome the faults that arose out of their flawed contract with Panasonic that appears to have locked Olympus into using whatever discarded sensors Panasonic would let them use. The old Olympus board, or most of them, have gone.

True - FT was heavily hampered by the 'noisy' sensors Oly was provided with by Kodak and Panny. And if the Sony sensor had been available in time for the E-5 (and an assumed E-650 or E-50) this might have been the perfect tool for taking FT to another marketshare level. But now, two and a half years later? I don't know.
Yes, our FT lenses are - to a large extent - the best lenses available on the market but how many people using the systems of other manufacturers will make the move to FT in consideration of the fact that Oly/Terada announced in 2010 that they regard the DSLR era as more or less over and will stop making DSLRs as soon as they will be able to design a mirrorless camera that is able to make full use of the FT lenses.

And don't forget that there was this other announcement some weeks ago that made many of us believe that the OBS will be launched this year.

My view as well. I suspect that the new management at Olympus has concluded that the combined difficulties of getting the HG/SHG lenses to work well on such patently ridiculous bodies (for such large lenses); and the problems that the µFT cameras have with focusing even CDAF enabled FT lenses, is much more difficult than they thought when the board was comprised of a bunch of crooks.

Nobody ever said the an mFT camera must be small. But a bigger mFT camera would offer room for more of the amzing innovations we have seen from Oly in the past. I believe they are going to surprise us once again - as they did last year with the five-axis IBIS.

Effectively, if Olympus were to make the "same" camera in three different forms (entry; semi-pro and pro), with slight differences that go to the cost structure, they would be on the money. Much the same as the "current" E-620, E-30 and E-5 are at present. Each format offers its own benefits to its users. The E-620 was patently a cheaper camera to make than the E-30 (penta-mirror, consumer grade shutter, simpler AF system, smaller/cheaper battery). My brother owns one. It's a great camera for what it is.

It was a great camera for what it was.

The same as above. We are talking about new cameras, don't we? And they have to C-AF at least as good as the ones provided by the competition if FT is supposed to gain a bigger marketshare. This means new cameras and new lenses. This has nothing to do with a glass being hald empty or half full or with the fact that we are happy with our current FT products. FT will only survive - if at all - if the new products attract new users. Something I regards as virtually impossible if they are outclassed in the only area where DSLRs still enjoy an advantage over MILCs.

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I wish I was an OLYgarch

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