"permanent" backup solution

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Sean Nelson
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Re: "permanent" backup solution

malch wrote:

However, I doubt that any given disc will have the chemical or physical stability to survive 1000 years of bit rot.

I don't see any fundamental reason why an optical disc couldn't have retention times of several centuries.   Bits are recorded as physical changes in the media, kind of the modern-day equivalent of  cuneiform tablets.  The big issues are exposure to ultraviolet light, high temperatures and moisture penetration of the recording layer.   But proper storage and use of a non-oxidizing metal for the recording layer should pretty much eliminate those vulnerabilities.   As long as one ensures that the right materials are used, the manufacturing is done properly, and the initial recording is free of errors, the disk should last indefinitely.

ROM discs are even better because the actual disk is stamped with the encoded bits.  The reflective recording layer might oxidize, but those pits and lands are still there and it would certainly be possible to recover data from them if there was enough motivation to do it.

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