Star Trails - D800E and 14-24mm

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Re: Star Trails - D800E and 14-24mm

nikonboi wrote:

shigzeo ? wrote:

Having never taken more than 40 minute star traits from unlocked positions, I have a practical question: even with a star gazer (that presumably moves with Polaris), how do you keep the foreground from moving as well and ghosting?

Or was this two images pasted onto one another? The horizon shifts as the earth rotates and the relative position of polaris changes. How do you keep the changing horizon with the relative position of the stars in track?

It is an honest question.

Hi Nathan,

I just mount my camera on a tripod (no equatorial mount etc.). The foreground will off course be static as will Polaris as the earth's axis points N/S. Hmm I don't understand what you mean when you say the "horizon shifts as the earth rotates." Additionally the relative position of Polaris will not change as it is due north. Could you please clarify your question further? Thanks. And as mentioned earlier, I just mount my camera on a tripod and shoot away.


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It could just be that I've not had experience shooting polaris before. But the cosmos 'swirls' around the earth as the earth rotates. I assumed that polaris would 'sink' against the horizon (or rise). Now that I think about it, I could be well wrong.

Again, it was a question asked out of my ignorance. Shame friend, is what I feel!

Wonderful shot.

EDIT: I would like to add: nikonboi, your photography (as you know) is wonderful. I've spent the last ten minutes gaping at your landscapes. Thank you. Having a real, hard-working poster and photographer on these forums, is refreshing.

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