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Not only are there different brand names but each brand has different qualities in monitors. If you're serious, here's something else you might find useful. I ran into this several years ago. Save this image and burn onto a CD then take it with you when you got looking for a new monitor Load it as the desktop wallpaper onto the computer -- monitor and see what the backlight is like on the monitor. On a lot of the monitors they put backlights just at the top or bottom or only on the sides or they are different brightness. What this means is that it will be impossible to use a monitor callibration on the the monitor as it won't be the same brightness. On one for example that I looked at the top was a a lot darker than the bottom (it was a Viewsonic) so brand means nothing.  Try adjusting brightness or dodging and burning on a monitor like that.  Anyway here's a one color desktop wallpaper with some white text that I use when checking monitors. The white text helps to tell if there is a difference.


If you can't save this at it's full size then make one of your own to do the test at the dealers.

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