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please define old

I was expecting a scan at least, or a picture of a picture taken with something actually old, something that uses technology that isn't in standard use today. Something, say, like a pre-35mm exposure box. I don't think anyone today who knows anything about cameras in general, and photography specifically, would argue that the D700 is anywhere near 'old'. Its technology has been superseded by newer and better technology, but the underlying tech in its successors: D800/600/7000/D4, etc., is exactly the same: TTL, PSAM, automatic aperture viewing, and so on.

Any camera can take a nice portrait, regardless of age, regardless of lens quality. Showing a picture does not prove a camera is good or bad or old or new. I've only been reading dpreview seriously since about 2004, but even in my almost ten years, I've seen the same sort of thread pop up every year, every month, every iteration.

There's no point in proving that a camera that has been superseded by newer technology is still good, or can take good pictures. Of course it can. No one ever could disprove that. It adds very little to a forum, to a technical discussion, to anything dpreview.

It's like arguing 'my car still has four wheels'. Of course it does. Most cars to, and any car on the road must abide by the rules of the road. If your state allows three-wheeled cars, then the three-wheeled car must maintain its three wheels. Similarly, a four-wheeled or six-wheeled, or 18 wheeled car must maintain its load balance laws.

Now, arguing that your pre-1850 camera is still working because of your excellent maintenance skill have kept it alive - that is pretty damn cool. Arguing that a D700 still takes good photos (which it always has) or arguing that it is better than its successors because of a nebulous quality it has - that is rubbish.

However, if you brought to the table the criticism that the D800 has a poor grip, or hasn't advanced the viewfinder enough, or should be made of different materials, you would have something to argue. This is just a nice portrait with a nice camera. That's it.

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