What has happened to Nikon?

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Re: Disasters shouldn't negate customer respect

CraigBennett wrote:

I am with Robin on this. Similar paths, but I started with a Zeiss Contax II in 1968. These post have made me a little crazy! Even today, I once again tested my two D800e's just to make sure....once again both are as good as I expect. These cameras simple amaze me at how well and fast they focus, especially in low light. Perhaps because I am coming from D1x, D2x, and d90 never having the opportunity to use the D3, D700, etc. my judgment is bias? My D800e's are the finest cameras I have ever owned.

I agree with Robin on the hardships endured by Nikon the company and Nikon the people. I for one think it amazing anything has come out of the destruction. Well stated Robin.

They could have been more transparent in their situation and copped to some of these problems. They could have shared some numbers, if in fact they are so few, to help assure their customers that they care and that buying a D800 doesn't have to be felt like a crapshoot. That they have not done this causes me hesitation. I have never in all my purchases of camera gear from various brands ever had the concerns I have now and that is over 40 years.

To me, the hardships of disaster is no excuse for lack of customer respect.

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