Is your 5D Mk III electronic level accurate?

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Re: Is your 5D Mk III electronic level accurate?

I had the exact problem with my 5D III. Sent it back to Canon -- they adjusted it electronically and I got the camera back within 1 working day. Seems to be working fine now.

BlueRibbon wrote:

I just noticed the electronic level on my 5D III is not accurate. Did some search online but couldn't find anyone has the same issue, so I'll just post here.

I put it on a level table (well, I tested the table with a bubble level and I'm pretty sure the table itself is level). Now turn on the electronic level and I get this picture. It seems to me it is about 3 degrees off. If I turn the camera 180 degree, it shows the same thing. Another proof the table itself is level.

Also took some pictures with the electronic level showing as level but the pictures came out obviously tilted.

Same thing using the VF electronic level.

Called Canon. Appears there is no calibration users can do. I'll have to send it back to Canon for service. I'm not sure if it is worth the trouble doing so. I guess it really depends on if I'm going to use it or not. I find the grid lines are easier and more accurate to use than the electronic level in VF or LCD.

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