What has happened to Nikon?

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Re: What has happened to Nikon?

Shotcents wrote:

Robin, you have the luxury of owning a trouble free D800e. And that's fantastic. But if you're watching the forums you certainly know that something has happened to Nikon. Whether it's Earthquakes, global warming or terrorists, many of us paid a lot of money for gear that is substandard.

Still worse, Nikon has been cryptic and less than helpful in fixing the problems. How many times have you read about owners sending back cameras two or more times? It's incredible that this could be tolerated. So now, and this is particularly sad, I'm AFRAID to get my D800 serviced for fear that it will end up worse. Or that they'll blame me and charge me.

Some may say I'm foolish for letting all this keep me from purchasing the D800 yet. Nearly three years ago I had hope for Nikon to upgrade the D700 for that is what I wanted to replace my hold on MF and LF film. I ended up buying the D700 and happy for it yet would have preferred higher res. I still do but like I said, I'm not in a great hurry with all this Nikon's nondisclosure to various problems, their clamping down on supplying parts, labeling many repairs as impact, and customers having to send in their items multiple times. This just didn't use to be so prevalent.

If Canon comes up with a tempting replacement then I think I might give them my business again. The majority of my career used Canon for 35mm. Switching to digital meant I needed all new lenses, Nikon had the reputation of best focus and flash capabilities so there I went with the D700. I am not impressed with their public relations or lack of. How many are there like me standing on the side lines I don't have a clue, but what is certain, they have not received my further investing in their brand.

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