Does the lens require MFA ?

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Re: Does the lens require MFA ?
anand53 wrote:

Thank you guys. I have read and seen videos of MFA. One would go for MFA if not happy with the focus. Here I am not sure whether I have achieved good focusas I wanted. I chose the eye in manual AF selection. I am unable to judge the good or lack of focus here. May be I should have asked "Is the focus on spot ?

I disagree with the "if not happy with the focus." I do mine regularly twice a  year, end of February (next week) when the temperature starts to warm up. I live in the "Great White North" aka Canada, and I also do it in the fall. Then I also do it every time the camera has to go through big temperature changes like -20°C outside and +20°C inside.

It's too easy for me to get used to a slightly out of focus, until it becomes really out of focus, so I have my  schedule.

I use the spyderlenscal. It takes me 15-20mn to line it up properly, then it's only 5 to 10 mn per lens.

Thanks Dale for replying about "Save the Tiger". Tiger is our national animal and dwindling in numbers. I am passionate and visit the reserves very often....though expensive..............

Thanks for the info.

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