Problems with Minolta 28-135

Started Feb 4, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Problems with Minolta 28-135

Sadly, my lens had several issues. One, not focusing past 70mm and misreporting aperture setting, was caused by bent contacts within the lens. I disassembled the rear mount and bent contacts carefully to make them better connect to the board with copper wires. That fixed it - lens is able to focus past 70mm and aperture setting is reported correctly. Then if I recall correctly there was a problem with misaligned front lens elements, which I think I fixed by unscrewing, cleaning and putting them back together. The last problem is that the focusing mechanism depends on the flimsy duck tape (one with focus scale on it) that keeps two parts of the lens rotating in the same direction. Someone, previous dishonest owner, unglued it and tried to adjust it. He did not do the good job so the lens does not focus to infinity.

I stopped at that and put the lens on the shelf. It is probably the last thing that needs fixing and maybe finding some free time I will ultimately do it. I just got disheartened. The lens has the ardent following but after my experiences I would never risk buying it again through online channels. It is just not reliably built. Fortunately it was not very expensive lesson but for that money I could have got manual Zeiss or Leica zoom that would work fine on any camera body and would be solid like a rock.

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