What has happened to Nikon?

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Re: What has happened to Nikon?

"My D800e's are the finest cameras I have ever owned."


I do believe people have have problems with them. I do believe that customer service can be a nightmare. But the same can be said for SO many companies. Apple, Canon, Fuji, etc. etc.

The smaller and more intricate products get, the more of these kinds of viewpoints will be voiced. It has NOTHING to do with a particular company. It is a combination of Internet culture and beyond perfect control complexities of technology.

All of that said, the OP is a constant Nikon bashing individual, whose posts should be taken with a grain of salt. If he really felt that way, why would he spend months and months on these forums trying to convince people? Just buy a Canon (they are great cameras, I spent 20 years shooting with them, digitally 6 cameras from the 10D through the 1D MKIV), be happy, go take some photographs.

CraigBennett wrote:

Robin Casady wrote:

From a number of threads, I have to wonder about you perception of cameras and lenses. You ranted about AF problems, then you posted that you tried the AF-ON only technique and all was good. Now you are ranting again. You seem to think the 24-85 VR is as sharp as the 24-70.

My experience has been that each Nikon DSLR I've owned has been better than the last. With digital I started with a D100. Then got a D2x for higher resolution and other improvements. Made the change to digital FX with a D700. The DR improvement over the D2x was amazing. Now I have a D800E. My first Nikon was a Nikkormat in 1967 and adding a Nikon F in 1970. Then I started favoring medium and large format. A Nikon N90 was mostly used when I needed 35mm color slides.

The D800E has been more than I dreamed possible a few years ago.

The AF on my D800E is more accurate and reliable than any of my previous DSLRs. I guess I've been very lucky with my D800E in that it has not needed any AF fine-tuning and the extreme left AF is as good as one can expect (not a cross sensor). I did have to do some fine tuning on the D700.

The increased sensitivity of PDAF has been noticeable over the D700. The D800E finds focus in situations that surprise me.

With manual focus lenses I can often get more accurate focus with the green dot than I can with the less than stellar LV. Even CDAF seems less reliable than PDAF.

I have no way to judge what other people's D800 and D800E cameras are like. Since some of the major photo pundits say that there are problems, I assume there must be. I doubt that they are as bad as some of the ranters have claimed.

Nikon went through a rough time with the earthquake and tsunami. Their Sendai plant (where the D800E is made) sustained some damage from the earthquake. The tsunami was horrifically devastating to the people of Sendai and the town's infrastructure. This would have affected emplyees of the Sendai plant as well as suppliers Nikon relies on.

Later, the floods in Thailand devastated a Nikon factory.

I would expect that these disasters made things rather difficult for the people of Nikon. Schedules would be interrupted, there would have been problems with supply chains, employee morale would have been affected. It would surprise me if there hadn't been consequences to these disasters.

I'm glad that my D800E is so excellent. I'm sorry for those who have had bad experiences, but it annoys me that some of then are using this forum to vent their frustration over and over and over and over.

I am with Robin on this. Similar paths, but I started with a Zeiss Contax II in 1968. These post have made me a little crazy! Even today, I once again tested my two D800e's just to make sure....once again both are as good as I expect. These cameras simple amaze me at how well and fast they focus, especially in low light. Perhaps because I am coming from D1x, D2x, and d90 never having the opportunity to use the D3, D700, etc. my judgment is bias? My D800e's are the finest cameras I have ever owned.

I agree with Robin on the hardships endured by Nikon the company and Nikon the people. I for one think it amazing anything has come out of the destruction. Well stated Robin.

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