What has happened to Nikon?

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Re: What has happened to Nikon?

For whatever its worth, I have had essentially no problems at all with my D800E. Its focusing has been fast, very reliable, and very consistent with all focus points. Compared to my former 5D2 (which was a great camera, just not for me), I find it amazing how high my keeper rate is, even when shooting wide open on moving targets with fast (1.8) primes. I have tested all my lenses carefully, and so far only one lens needed -2 fine tuning.

On the general Nikon QC front, I haven't personally seen any major issues. I did buy a 16-35 vr that had some obvious focus issues (it would "hang" for a second or two before initiating focus, and occasionally make a sound like the gears on the AF motor were slipping not catching). Other than that, I have bought about 10 different Nikon lenses, flashes, etc. in the last few months and they have all been fine out of the box. Maybe they will fail after longer use but, looking at the lensrentals repair data, Nikon's stuff doesn't seem much worse that anyone else's except for some specific issues (D800 battery door, 70-200 tripod foot).

My bigger concern with Nikon is the some of the stories I have read about Nikon USA's recent service. I am hopeful that (i) I don't have any need to use them for a long time and (ii) that they sort themselves out by then. Service is important, and I think they are doing themselves a disservice by letting it slip.

Not sure if any of this makes me a "fanboy" or not.  All I know is that, overall, I am very satisfied with my decision to move to Nikon.

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