Moving up from SLT-A55

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Re: Moving up from SLT-A55

Ed at Ridersite wrote:

Lots of good advice in this thread. You have a good eye for composition. In fact, your result isn't all that bad. I can assure you, it's not the camera causing your disappointment. Don't just throw money away hoping for better results. A tripod, lower ISO and better exposure would have reaped huge benefits here IMO. A little better lens would have possibly helped, but there is no fault with the camera at all.

Maybe spend a little money on a good lens, but keep working on your technique. Looks like you're off to a good start to me.

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I agree. A great deal of good info and advise in this thread.

I was in the same boat as you a while ago and then evaluated my options. A77 was the obvious choice due to its weather sealed body. A strange part of my brain was inclined towards D600. However, after much though and discussion with my friends I realized that the main reason I wantedto upgrade my camera was that I wanted a change. Its like the itch you get almost one year after getting your smartphone. All new and shiny phones are availble, but still one more year to complete the contract.

Seeing D600 ( a full frame) so close to my buying range made matters worse. My freinds made me revist my photos and pin point exactly where I think A55 is not living up to my skills. Trust me, I could not find a reason when the problem was in my camera. Most of the time it was me at fault.

On its side, A55 has got very good AF, decent high ISO (on par with A77) and a 10fps which was very handy in shotting F1 photos. I love the default camera color production. Though settings are not as handy as A77, but by now I am used to of it and can change anything without taking my eyes off the EVF. Some say that A55 EVF is not good, but I find that it does what I require from it. Can D600 or 6D viewfinder show how the end photo will change once I turn the WB to warmer side, or increase ISO ??

After much deliberation, I ended up buying a used Tamron 17-50 2.8 with a CPL for $300.

I would say, try this lens. This will greatly improve your AF in Low light and might turn out to be the default lens you use. There are plenty of used ones, go for it. If you have extra money go for a SAL 16-50 2.8. Both of these will crub your craving for the change.

For now my itch to change the body seems subdued, not sure what happens when A78 will come to market. Maybe a touch scrren LCD, inbuilt wi-fi, higher dynamic range, much faster AF in low light and a sealed body  ummmmm........  I am already salivating. 

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