Are you concerned about Nikon longterm?

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Re: Downresing is a waste of time

You can downsample any camera's photos to make them look decent. But if you only need 20mp, why not buy a camera built to work at 20mp? Why not downsample both it and the Canon 6D  to 10mp and see who comes out on top? Besides, if you could afford the D800, the 6D wouldn't be your obvious next choice.

But take the 80mp Phase One IQ180 digital back and leave it at 80mp, and at a per-pixel level it blows the vast majority of today's DSLRs out of the water. As does the IQ160 at 60mp. And, for that matter, the P45+ at 39mp, which was designed and put into production six years ago. All of these medium-format cameras have a pixel pitch almost one and a half times the size of those on the D800, and that's why commercial pros use Phase and Hassy, not the D800, when they need a huge print. Nikon's trying to take on the medium-format market with a 35mm sensor based on resolution alone, and they'd be stupid not to realize what they're doing to every other aspect of image quality in the process. That's what I'm trying to say here. They have sub-par glass for that much resolution, they use sensors too small for that much resolution, and if they keep going the way they're going, trying to take on markets that are out of their own gear's league, they will fail. Especially when they're pushing cameras to newbies who are going to leave their D3200s set to "Auto" ISO and edit the images on five-year-old laptops using Windows Photo Gallery.

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