What has happened to Nikon?

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I bought a D600 two months and 3500 shots ago.

Almost all of my shooting has been high school basket, a nationally ranked team. Very fast theshowing proving to me that the D600 is a bit too slow to be a reliable fast AF sports camera.  That is my compliant.

But I knew that going into this, I am  primarily a scenic shooter.

I have cleaner the sensor a lot, use the blower after every session.

The camera is otherwise amazing. I have gotten great action shots, and have been able to shoot at ISO 3200 and blow the shots up to 24x36 monitor size and the look great.

I have owned top notch gear since 1976. Four Konica T3's and and FT, a Nikon F and N60. A Sony Nex5. A Nikon D70, D200, and d300s.  I do not say thIs lightly. The D600 is by far the best imaging camera I have ever owned. The d300s has some faster specs, but it cannot touch the iq of the D600.

If that makes me a fanboy, so be it.

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Currently shooting aD300s, a D200, D70 and N50. Have a 'F.'
Also shooting with Konica 35mm SLRS (T3 and FT-1) with numerous Hexanon Lenses. Printer: Canon i9900.

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