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Re: Slower, but not slow

Anders W wrote:

damondean wrote:

In my experience, the Lumix 20 1.7 focuses fine on Panasonic bodies. I have a GF3 and had a GX1 for awhile, and the lens focuses great on both bodies. I now have an OM-D, and not only does the 20 focus slower on it, it also struggles to lock focus in low light. It's a bummer, but I still love the lens.

That's strange. I use the 20/1.7 on the E-M5 and focus speed is just fine (and faster than on my G1). See my tests here:

As to difficulties to lock focus, the 20 has no greater trouble with that than other lenses. On the contrary. Ability to lock is just a matter of light intake and the 20 is a fast lens, the second fastest AF lens for mFT.

So if you have difficulties with that, you are doing something wrong or are shooting under conditions which are hopeless for any lens.

I have tested locking capacity too against other (slower) lenses, using exactly the same target under exactly the same light conditions. As expected, the 20 gives up later, not sooner, as the light level falls.

Well...I had the GX1 for a couple weeks, then bought the OMD to test which one I liked best.  Conditions were a dim room (1600, 1/100th, f/2), and I used the 20 on each camera under the same conditions.  The GX1 locked focus easily, the OMD could not.  I found with the OMD I could switch to a different focus spot (a more defined facial feature a few inches from where I wanted to focus,) and it would then be able to lock focus.  Same lens, different camera, same conditions, much different results.  In terms of image quality, the OMD is much more impressive, and for me this was a bigger priority so I didn't keep the GX1.

I also have the 45 f1.8, and it focuses fast on the OMD in low light.  I just think the lumix lenses don't focus as well on olympus bodies, but it's not a deal killer.

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