Tripod fitting these constraints?

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Re: Feisol ct3442

Kuppenbender wrote:

Feisol ct3442 rapid

Height 69" (with optional centre column)

Folded length 19"

Weight capacity 22lb

The main sticking point (apart from the need for an extended centre column) would be the ring leg-locks, but you'll get used to them.

One thing to bear in mind when you're comparing other tripods, a tripod head will add an aditional 3 or 4 inches to the maximum height and often to the folded length. You can remove the head each time you put it away, but that would be a major inconvenience.

The Feisol and other 'systematic' style tripods will fold the legs over the ballhead, so the folded length remains the same.

If you go with the Feisol or similar tripod, I'd suggest trying it without the centre column first. You may find it's tall enough. Extended centre columns adversely affect stability.

Kuppenbender, when you have a tripod in which the legs fold back over the head, does this limit the space for the head, and thus limit what head can be used? Indeed limit it to the head that comes with it? Having to fit into such a small space, I would think the ball must be small, so that with these kinds of tripods you are limiting the solidness of the head. Of course the advantages for travel probably outweight the disadvantages of the head. But this will be my one and only tripod, and solidity is really important.

I made a mistake in my first post. I need the tripod to be 22" or less because if it is longer, I will see it in my rear view mirrors on my ST1300 tourer. I have a luggage rack and will carry the tripod sitting sideways across it. I was mistaken about putting it inside the luggage.

How hard is it to remove the head from the legs? I frequently pull over for a quick shot of something. One of the points of the trip.


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