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Thanks for all the comments. Reading them, I think its worth expanding on a couple of things related to what we do here at dpr and why.
When Phil Askey started the site back in the late nineties, the digital camera industry was in its infancy. The technology was all very new and advances were rapidly being made. The cameras were very expensive and early models could vary wildly from their peers not just in specs and features but in image quality. A digital camera review back in say, 2000 needed to inform you first and foremost whether the camera was any good. Did it do what the manufacturer said it did? Could it provide usable image quality at anything other than very low ISO values?
Today, however, the industry is very mature (actually the mobile phone camera segment is the closest analogy today to the dedicated digital camera scene of 15 years ago). With rare exceptions, image quality is now actually one of the least significant points of distinction between cameras in the same price range. Yes you can pull up two cameras side by side in our noise comparison tool or studio test scene and see differences, but most often they are relatively small. And of course, we're comparing default settings, which you can customize to further minimize differences. It's impossible to buy a camera today that just doesn't 'work'. And even when one manufacturer does break ground with a new technology, it's usually not long before the competition catches up or at least gets very close.
What does this have to do with the EOS 6D review, scoring and gold/silver awards? A lot actually. In any review, rather than saying whether a camera is good or bad (because they're nearly all good for some purposes) we strive to communicate how the features, handling and operational controls on offer can affect your use of the camera. We have a broad international audience with many different shooting preferences and styles. For some, low-light capability is a must, others are concerned only with low ISO fine detail rendering. We provide the test data used in our IQ evaluations so you can determine how a camera compares, in an artificial situation, to its peers for characteristics that may be important to you.
Our scoring system reflects these more objective comparison methods and simply tells you how a camera fares against other models you're likely to consider purchasing. It says a lot that many cameras score within a few percentage points of each other.
Our gold and silver awards reflect our staff's collective and unavoidably subjective opinion about how deserving a camera is. Should we single it out as being an exceptionally good overall package or merely a very good one?
Before I came to work at dpr, when looking to buy a camera I read the review's conclusion and then the pages concerning the issues that have greatest effect on my own needs as a photographer. Both the percentage rating and gold/silver award played a minimal role in my buying decision.
Sure it's gratifying to see your favorite camera get a great score, but leveraging our detailed reviews to the fullest, in my opinion requires you to first identify what it is you want and need in a camera (because that's likely to be quite different for another reader) and then read our take (always backed by evidence) on those particular characteristics.
Agreeing or disagreeing with a gold award or arguing for a scoring change of 3 or 4 percent, is clearly a celebrated pasttime for some, but I hope we'd all agree that going out and making photographs is even more rewarding. And there's never been a wider range of cameras with which to do that than we have today!

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