What has happened to Nikon?

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Re: What has happened to Nikon?

Manfred Bachmann wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

I thought Nikon was leaving the video market to Canon, to concentrate on making the best photo cameras, but in reality Nikon is only worried about their coolpix cameras.

Funny that you say that!

My wife bought me the new P7700 and it's Nikon's first Coolpix camera that I actually like. With it's twin command dials it actually handles better than a D5100/D5200/D3200.

Sadly I agree with everything that you wrote. Nikon is one bad DSLR away from me going to Canon.

I wonder how much of a loss I'll take in the switch? But let's hope they pull it together and I don't have to go down that rough road.


Why do you think anyone is interested what you will do, if the next nikon body is not for your taste? just curious! The only mistake from nikon was, the d800 is to cheap, and many people with no idea how to use and setup a camera can afford it!

Well, some people are interested because they also have issues. You might have a look at this and many other threads.

OH, but just in case I don't know how to calibrate the AF on my D800, why not help us out?

Here are the shots AGAIN

The 1st is from the left AF point. The 2nd from the center. This result is 100% repeatable regardless of target type. If I fine tune the for the left sensor then the middle is off.



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