What has happened to Nikon?

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Re: What has happened to Nikon?

I am about to do something I never thought I would. Replace my D700(lenses, flashes, etc.) with a Canon 5DMIII just because of what I've read over the past several months concerning the D800 and D600 debacle(s). Unfortunately I think this is a turning point for Nikon. They had great momentum going with their FX cameras and then something changed. I am sure they will survive but this will definitely hurt them. A few years ago when it was pretty much just Nikon and Canon fighting it out they would trade licks. Now with Sony competing, they are just waiting for Nikon or Canon to slip a little. Canon has done one thing and that is continue to improve their cameras on a decent pace. 5D - Good, 5DmII - Really Good, 5DmIII - Great. Nikon, D700 - Really Good (maybe one of the best cameras Nikon has ever made), D800 - Leading MP, terrible AF. It really comes down to the fact that Nikon thought that they could take the crazy 36MP sensor (aka lipstick) and skimp on AF (aka putting the lipstick on the pig) it would fly. They are probably now wishing they would have spent less time investment on the sensor and focussed on AF performance.

I just never thought the day would come where I would convert to Canon. Believe me, if the 5DmIII is not the cat's meow, I will be back in a couple of years if Nikon get's their act together. They definitely won't hurt by just losing my business though.

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