Moving up from SLT-A55

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Re: Moving up from SLT-A55

sybersitizen wrote:

I'm quite certain there is nobody on this planet who could look at an EXIFless image - any kind of image at any magnification - and tell whether it was taken with an A55 or A57. In the realm of human perception the two cameras render equivalent images... and neither requires 'moving up' to something else when used skillfully.

Agree totally..only thinking that 'low-light use that the op stated is causing detail loss due to higher iso usage and maybe an a57 would help in that regard.... (i think the a55 actually has a bit better iq at 100-200iso honestly) If i shot 800-1600 often, then an a57 would help my shooting/images. thanks,brian

If the op shoots 400 and below often then a decent lens or two would help as skills/famailiarity increase. -There are so many auto-iso shooters here

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