What has happened to Nikon?

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t.c. marino wrote:

Sutto wrote:

That was my story, except I was too scared to buy either of those cameras. All my friends had issues with them and here in Australia we have no return policy. They told me of weeks with no camera whilst they were getting repaired, then having them back from Nikon service, with apparently no improvement. I did not want to shell out all that dough on a camera I had no confidence in. The D600 felt like a piece of plastic junk.

I travel Asia 6 months of the year and no way wanted to be stuck with something that needed servicing in Myanmar or Cambodia. I ended up getting a mint D3x to accompany my D700. A marvelous camera that reeks of quality and instills me with confidence. If I get mugged over there I can bash them with the D3x - swing it on the strap like a weapon - then go on taking pic's with it, ha ha.

As far as I am concerned, I am happy now using these 'older' incarnations for the next few years until Nikon sort their game out. If it is good enough for Karl Grobl to use them http://karlgrobl.com/blog/ (he recently bought 2 D3s bodies), then its certainly good enough for me.

Good luck on sorting out the issues with the 800.



amen.bought d600 this past christmast..stellar image quality and dynamic range...im on my third unit,the first 2 returned for the dreaded oil/dust problems,the third copy just back from melville nikon for af issues...and its still not right..im sending it back...my patience is wearing thin with nikon,thank god i still have my reliable never miss a beat d700/d300s bodies...for pete's sake the little plastic d3200 that i use has been perfect with no issues..COME ON NIKON WAKE UP

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I also bought the D600 last Christmas, The 1st body had many spots Serial # 303XXX, I had to wait 3 weeks for the 2nd body which had lots of big spots (serial # 601XXX) even sent pictures to Nikon service who said they'd clean it and fix the mirror which could not be locked for cleaning!! right out of the box less than 100 actuations so it went back. I got the 3rd body last Friday and it's going back, the viewfinder is dirty (has a big spot) the mirror is dirty and the spots are showing at f16.. less than 1 week old (serial # 305XXX) , lens changed one time. I tried to blow the dust with a rocket blower and it's not working, the spots are still there.

I am DONE with Nikon, I had bought 3 lenses and they are going back because I can't trust a company that doesn't care about Quality Control or it's customers. All the times I called Nikon CS I was told there were no known issues with the D600 and that I had to pay for shipping, i had to insist that it was Nikon's mistake and they should pay for expedite shipping and they said I could return the camera to my retailer or ship it to them and wait weeks to have a camera back.. what a joke!

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