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boggis the cat wrote:

John Byrne wrote:

call it as you will, but being one to always look at the positive I see no difference in the Oly announcement to a car manufacturer stating they wil continue to produce cars with V8 motors. Who in their right mind could interpret such a statement as meaning they will always come in the same package as previous models or with the same features.

Give us a break.

"Digital single lens reflex" is clearly not a mirrorless camera. Olympus seem to be saying that they will continue to produce updates to at least the E-x line.

My reading of Mr Terada's statement is that Olympus is going to continue with both entry level and high end dSLRs (at the very least). That much is very clear. As I have said elsewhere, the "middle camera" - E-30 replacement - is the easiest and cheapest to make, and therefore the biggest money spinner. Almost all parts can be selected from the parts bins of the entry level and high end camera (as was the E-30 ...  ).

They already have a good body (the current E-30 ... ); they have the OVF (current one is excellent, IMHO); all they really need is the new sensor, or an improved version of it, and the supporting electronics and f/w. All of this latter stuff has to be developed for the entry level camera and high end camera anyway.

Eventually they need to figure out whether to revive standard FT (a lot of drawbacks there) or try to move the "One beautiful system" from aspiration to reality.

Not really. Just overcome the faults that arose out of their flawed contract with Panasonic that appears to have locked Olympus into using whatever discarded sensors Panasonic would let them use. The old Olympus board, or most of them, have gone.

Many companies have this kind of downturn in their fortunes and survive to prosper again. One should not forget that Olympus basically owns the medical operating endoscope market, and has a huge share of other medical imaging markets.

(I would guess that they can get PDAF working now, but that it isn't even close to being good enough compared to the dedicated system in DSLRs. That is the performance issue that will hold back 'merging' the standard FT system with Micro FT.)

My view as well. I suspect that the new management at Olympus has concluded that the combined difficulties of getting the HG/SHG lenses to work well on such patently ridiculous bodies (for such large lenses); and the problems that the µFT cameras have with focusing even CDAF enabled FT lenses, is much more difficult than they thought when the board was comprised of a bunch of crooks.

The old board seemed more interested in their own welfare, than in the welfare of the company that they were legally and ethically charged to run for the company's benefit.

Effectively, if Olympus were to make the "same" camera in three different forms (entry; semi-pro and pro), with slight differences that go to the cost structure, they would be on the money. Much the same as the "current" E-620, E-30 and E-5 are at present. Each format offers its own benefits to its users. The E-620 was patently a cheaper camera to make than the E-30 (penta-mirror, consumer grade shutter, simpler AF system, smaller/cheaper battery). My brother owns one. It's a great camera for what it is.

The E-30 seems to be a better camera than the E-3 in almost every way, including responsiveness and AF. Just not weather/dust sealed. Mine has now become an extension of my right arm, same as my E-510 was. The E-510 now feels slightly strange when I snaffle it from the CEOoDO ...

The E-5 appears to be a good box, even allowing for the fact that Olympus was hobbled for a decent sensor for it. Even so, they performed optical magic with the AA filter, and their expertise with the other sensor components is obviously alive and kicking (CFA, anti-dust). These experiences will stand them in good stead.

As Mr Terada said "They can be confident about image quality, he says: They already know image quality from the OM-D. Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds sensors are the same size, so they can imagine that. "

AND Sony have been making terrific sensors for video cameras for longer than many on this forum have been alive!

Just a few thoughts, FWIW.

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